What’s new on the horizon this year?

7th January 2020

So, you’ve packed away the decorations, sorted the mountain of Christmas cards for recycling and now you’re ready for the New Year.

But what’s new about it? What could we do in 2020 that we didn’t do last decade to help us improve our lives?


Food for thought…


Let’s start with the body – we all know we should eat healthily and drink lots of water.

But is there something else we could be trying?

Well, we may not have to completely give up our favourite tipple because apparently, industry gurus say this year we’ll see more alcohol-free beers and more teas…you may not need to reach for the kale, the cilantro and the juicer just yet!

Tea has long been a Brit staple and now, to help with detoxing there is so much choice out there, from green tea or chai to dandelion and nettle.

If you’re just wanting a fresher take on things why not go for a fruity brew? Here at The Plume of Feathers, we have chamomile, berry and hibiscus or even wild rooibos – all from The Canton Tea Company, sourced directly from the farmers.

So what about food? Christmas often means over indulging so when we get to January and we’re told to reach for the whole grains, raw fruits and veg instead of the chocolates and crisps, it can come as a shock.

How about easing into the year by thinking fresh, quality and locally sourced? These are key words for the new decade and of course, they’ve long been our philosophy.



Our chefs love to create varied menus to inspire and delight the taste buds and we aim to do this in a way which supports local suppliers and also has a global aspect with worldwide dishes and a ban on unsustainable palm oil products.

You can see our menus by clicking here.

If sustainability is something you want to keep a check on, there’s an app which allows you to check how sustainable and also healthy the food you’re buying is.

You can scan barcodes and see if a product has a Giki badge – awarded for many areas from sustainability and chemical content to additives and health qualities. See the Giki website here.

In 2020, the word is we should be keeping an eye out for more plant-based products and different options with butter – specifically, seed butters using fruits such as watermelon or pumpkin.


Body, mind and soul…


So, we’ve decided on healthy eating – now for the exercise. Running the London Marathon may be a bit too far for some of us.

In 2020, fitness experts are predicting workouts which put mindfulness and mental health at the forefront will become more popular.

So what about trying yoga; good for body, mind and soul?

It increases strength and flexibility, lowers stress levels, anxiety and depression, balances energy levels and bodily functions and is also said to inspire a profound sense of happiness.

What could be better?



Studios like Newquay’s Ocean Flow Yoga offer various types and classes from Foundation for beginners, focussing on stretching, strengthening and alignment, to energising Lotus Flow vinyasa yoga, which combines the breath and movement and is rooted in either traditional Chinese medicine or the philosophies of ancient India, and hot yoga using 26 postures to work muscles, glands and body systems for detoxifying, healing and strengthening. Find information about Ocean Flow sessions here.

Buzz words for this coming year are variety and group workouts: many of us find it hard to fit exercise into our week so fitness companies could well be offering more choice meaning you can make HIIT, cycling, wellbeing classes, swimming and yoga all part of your regular routine.

And as well as a lunch with colleagues or after work pub session, you could find yourself invited to a team spin class!

If all this isn’t your thing, don’t forget, you can always just get out about with your loved ones, the dog, the bike, the kids!

This year, Cornwall plays host to the first stage of The Tour of Britain; we’ll be gearing up to support the cyclists and maybe it’ll inspire some of us to dust off our bikes.


It’s all in the mind…


Ok, so that’s body and soul taken care of – what about the mind?

January is notorious for making us feel down in the dumps but what can we do to feel brighter when it’s still dark outside, the weather’s dreary and Christmas is but a twinkling memory?

This year, the Mental Health Foundation is focussing on sleep – or lack of it – and how it impacts on our mental health. We all know sleep is important but if you’re a shift worker or you have small children, it’s not always easy to get as much as you need.

So what else can we do?

There are short term techniques – decluttering your space helps to declutter your mind; and faking it, believe it or not, is a winner. If you breathe deeply, walk tall, smile and laugh you can fool your mind into thinking you’re happier.

And in the long-term, Mental health charity MIND, says there are five ways to wellness: connecting with other people; being physically active; learning new skills; giving to others; and paying attention to the present moment.

So why not make a resolution for 2020 to try volunteering? There are so many charities and groups out there from national organisations like the NSPCC or the National Trust to local groups and they offer ways to meet others as well as get active and try new things – ticking all those five ways to wellness boxes.

In Newquay, the Community Orchard has all kinds of projects such as gardening, outdoor cooking, crafts and woodwork. Click here to see the website – or here for their Facebook page.

There are plenty of different volunteering opportunities such as helping the Cornwall Air Ambulance with fundraising: Cornwall Air Ambulance; Newquay charity, The Noah Project which helps families in crisis: The Noah Project; or there’s Harbour Housing, based in St Austell, which provides accommodation and support for homeless and vulnerable people across Cornwall.

They have a team of volunteers who provide a range of services from helping with activities to general maintenance of the charity’s gardens and farm. Check out their website for details of how to get involved.

Why not make 2020 a year of new challenges, new hobbies, a new outlook maybe – whatever you choose, have a happy and successful new year!