Catching up with our local suppliers – Trewithen Dairy

5th July 2019

One of our favourite things about running a hotel, restaurant and bar in Cornwall is the sheer variety of quality suppliers based on our doorstep.

From Cornish clotted cream to locally-made gin, we don’t have to look very far to source some of our best ingredients.

And not only do these ingredients bring full, vibrant flavours to our menu but using them also helps us to give something back to the local economy.

That’s why, when we were invited to visit Trewithen Dairy, we absolutely jumped at the chance…

Meet the Trewithen crew

Nestled in the stunning Glynn Valley, Greymare Farm has quickly become the base of one of the biggest locally-based dairy suppliers in Cornwall – and it’s not hard to see why.

Run by the Clarke family since 1976, the farm started crafting dairy products in 1994, slowly building a portfolio of award-winning Cornish cream, milk, butter and yoghurt.

Today, the family is focused on creating and marketing the delicious products it sells, produced only using milk from farmers within Cornwall (and particularly the immediate local area).

That, they say, is why each product offers a rich, fresh flavour worthy of being a staple on any Cornish menu – but it’s also about maintaining good relationships with farmers, as well as ensuring the welfare of the animals are a key priority.

With this in mind, during our visit, not only did we have the chance to explore the entire dairy production site, we also got to meet some of the local farmers themselves and find out what they think it is to work with such a quickly-growing business.

Matthew Rowe, who runs Tredinnick Farm near Lostwithiel, said: “It’s great to work with Trewithen because we all understand what the goal is to provide high-quality milk to supply all over the south-west.

“It’s a great relationship because we all understand and communicate with each other as to what we all want – it’s great to have that rapport with them.”

And the cows?

“Like any dairy farmer we try to look after our cows as well as we possibly can, to keep them in a nice environment, keep them healthy and look after them really well.”

Today, the Trewithen Dairy team is led by the next generation of Clarkes, making sure the company is always looking ahead to the future to explore how they can step outside the traditional bounds of dairy products and offer their customers something new.

Graham Wood, commercial director, said: “Trewithen Dairy is a business that firmly has its roots firmly based in Cornwall from a Cornish family and they take pride in being Cornish and pride in their Cornish heritage.

“We can guarantee that the products we sell have proper, genuine Cornish heritage and we try to do that in a fun way and not take ourselves too seriously.

“If you look at our senior management team, there is an absolute youthful vibe to it and a youthful approach and outlook to business – which is more modern and less staid in its approach and outlook to what the brand could represent in five years’ time, and how we do business.

“We want people to associate Trewithen Dairy with high-quality, Cornish dairy products – something that they can trust, something that they can believe in.”

Here at The Plume, we use a number of Trewithen Dairy products within our menu. To find out more, ask your server or check out our full menu here.