A big thank you as £3,000 donated to community project

7th March 2019

Dan Trotter with the Noah community project

Thousands of pounds have been raised for a Newquay-based community project thanks to Lewinnick Lodge in Newquay, sister venue The Plume of Feathers, in Mitchell, and all of their customers.

The renowned coastal hotel and historic village pub raised a combined £3,000 for The Noah Project, which helps families in the local area who are struggling financially or are in crisis get back on their feet.

Diana Jones, manager of the Noah Community Project, said: “It’s really important to me because I’ve been in this situation and I’ve struggled.

“I’d really like to help other families that are facing difficult times. It’s very saddening to see some of the cases that do come through and obviously having that money there that the venues have raised is really great to help to feeding and clothing families.”

The charity works on a referral basis, which sees families from the Newquay area signposted through Homestart, the Family hub and local food banks.

Families can be struggling for a number of reasons and Diane says many of them are those fleeing domestic abuse.

Diane added: “It can be that we need money to help house people, it can be that we’re just helping them to find furnishing for their houses, but mainly we need a steady flow of money because we never know what’s going to come through the door.”

To achieve the astonishing sum, each venue held a Christmas charity raffle, which raised £665 alone, along with optional donations on each restaurant bill from customers.

Venue director Dan Trotter said: “We also donated prizes ourselves and added to the donations from our customers, as well as garnered the support from our many suppliers.

“I’m really proud to support the Noah Community Project, I think they do great work in the community for those that are most in need.

“It’s a local charity and I know that the money that we have raised is going straight to the people that need it most.

“A great thank you to our customers – it’s amazing to see how generous people are and to see them get behind such a great charity.”

To find out more about the project, click here.

Above: Lewinnick Lodge and The Plume of Feathers director Dan Trotter with Diana Jones from the Noah Community Project and supporter John Pearce, director of Newquay-based Oltco.